Me and the Boy


This planning bio is inspired by all the other bios I've seen of my fellow fabulous Knotties.  I figure, why not add one more thing to my plate?  Besides, my bookmarking function seems to have gone haywire, so this is a good spot to allow me to remember what I like!

The Boy and I (I refer to him as The Boy or J out of respect for his desire for privacy...a lot of my friends have a hard time remember his name, because I never say his real name!) are 10 months into a rekindled romance (we've known each other for 7 years!)

The Proposal

On July 4th, 2009, J and I went hiking through Burgess Falls in Cookeville, Tennessee. (moderately rugged trails and they weren't kidding!  And me with only slip on sandals...oops!)  We climbed down to the bottom of the biggest water fall (there are 3) and then back up.  We then went out on a ledge overlooking the top of those same falls.  I as I was taking pictures, the boy knelt down, called me over, and pretended to 'find' something in a little pool of water...that something being my engagement ring!  As he was knelt down, he looked at me and said, "Wanna get married?" (He'd meant to say "Will you marry me?") LOL.  I promptly replied, 'Really?"  After which, of course, I came to my senses and said YES!!

***Knottie disclaimer. If you see any photos of yours here and you would like me to take them down, please page me on the May 2010 or the DW board (maggyruth).  I'm doing my best to give credit where credit is due.  Thanks!